Roman Blinds Edinburgh

Roman blinds are often seen as a combination of a blind and a pair of curtains.  There are a variety of styles available and they remain very popular for many rooms because of the appearance that they create.

There are three most common styles of Roman blinds and around the country.  A hobbled fold is the most traditional look and uses loops of fabric across the length of the blind.  A flat fold is ideal for more contemporary looks and has one complete piece of fabric so is ideal if you want to use a patterned material.  And a relaxed Roman blind style is created for casual spaces without horizontal dowel rods running through them and instead operated by cords running vertically along either side.

Roman blinds are great for making a room more private because they are made from a single piece of material in most cases.  They also allow you to control the amount of light entering the room as they have different positions between open and closed.  You can also use different materials such as sun screening fabrics to help reduce the glare from the sun and damage from UV rays to furniture in the room.

Roman blinds have a feel of curtains about them but use around 25% less fabric so this makes them more cost-effective.  You can also have them custom made to fit your window, rather than having to make do with standard sizes.